The following writings and articles originated in a book I started in my late teens called "For Madmen Only", a collection of thoughts I wished to remember, added to during my moments of clarity, to be read when I was lost amongst the trees. We all have a touch of madness - Steppenwolf was not alone.

These thoughts are what works for me. Try them on for size. If they work for you, then I am blessed.
Articles, stories, poems and general writings by Lady Anne, all rights reserved

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Life and the Living of It
Poems and Songs
Silly, Amusing Stuff

Life and the Living of It
Anne's Creed - The beginning of my own ten commandments
Beliefs - Another chapter in the on-going search, religion, beliefs and life style
Birthdays - Strange, emotional creatures
Brain Space - An interesting theory about getting stuck
My Bubble - Aligning myself with my universe and unclaimed miracles
Carriers of the Torch - Losing yet another friend
Christmas IS For Giving - Christmas presents take a new form
Coincidence - NOT! - Coincidences and thresholds
Common Courtesy - There is always hope
Concentration - An effective exercise
Daddy - For my father
Daily Routines - Getting back on the path
Devon - Suicide is not the answer
The Diamonds - A story about letting go
Expectations - a truly interesting little critter
Facebook Fobbles - A Big Brother Adventure
George - Another dear friend bites the dust
Healing - Pain and healing, such personal experiences
Helping Out - It takes so very little
I Am A Fixer - Some things are inherited whether you like it or not
Isn't It Nice - Staying current in a crazy world
I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up! - Starting all over, again - to be posted
Karen Mefford - A rare Underwear Friend
Life - and the reason we are here is.....?
Lines - Lines and boundaries, where are yours?
The Mustard Seed - A story of faith
Murderers - How do they sleep?
My Last Day - How to spend it, what do I say?
New Behavior - Maintaining of peace in a world of havoc
Old Age - The beginning of old age inventory
Once a Hippie....... - Reflections of an OLD hippie
Our Pledge of Allegiance - What do you think?
Paths and Passions - Commentary on life
Peter - Remember your first love?
Perspective - An interesting, visual point of view of our galaxy and beyond
Refrigerator Thoughts - Staying on our paths
Richard - The passing of a multiple life friend
Saying Goodbye - Twenty years after, goodbye, Daddy
Scott Peterson - The other side of hell
September 11, 2001 - How prepared are we?
Small town cop killing - Living a horror happening in my neighborhood
Sudden Death - What happens, exactly?
Tarot Cards - 'Of God' or 'Not of God'?
Virginity - My daughter wants to do WHAT???
What's Going On? - Separating the "garbage"
Who Hurt Whose Feelings? - to be posted

A New Discipline - How to, and How to Not
Arguing and Sibling Rivalry
Because I said so!  - or "Why, Mommy, why?"
Cherokee Lesson
Children In Crime - A scary inquiry
Compliments vs Corrections
Did you hear me??
Discipline - A Muddy Story
A Wonderful Discipline Procedure
Discipline Rules  - for Parents
Dog Training = Child Training
Examples - You Are What You Teach
Fire Fighting or Fire Prevention? - Juvenile Crime
Granny Time - Hindsight IS 20/20
Lines of Acceptability
Motherhood - To be or not to be...what a question!!
Mothers are the Glue
Negative Attention - Alive and well and living in America
Other people's children - to be posted asap
OOC - Out of Control Children - It's not hopeless, but where do you start?
Repercussions and Responsibility
Safe Place - how to be one - to be posted asap
Spoiled Children - what is the true definition?
Step parenting -  a point of view from a step-parent and a step-child - to be posted asap
Tantrums - Nip this one in the bud, quick
When All is Said and Done

Poems and Songs
Can You Live Forever
Englishman's Daughter
For the Losing of My Mind
Green Mansions
My Own Way
Raggedy Ann
Vietnam - A story from the 60's

Components of a Relationship
Five Languages of Love by Gary Chapman -  a must read
Friends - to be written
Keeping It Alive
Love - What IS it?
Taking Out the Garbage
Time To Move On - When is it time to move on, anyway?

Amusing Stuff
The Knock - A rather ghastly story....
My Name is Anne, and I am a Craftaholic  - A confession
Date Application  - He doesn't have a profile? Send him THIS!
The Legend of Lady Anne  - The birth and demise of a web page freak
A Christmas Letter - My father at his finest

Randomosity - A small collection of weird thoughts
What Happened to the Boomer Room - A letter to and from boomers

Ghost Stories


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