Packrat Productions started making web pages in 1998 and the obsession has grown since, specializing in handmade graphics, ease of reading and procurement of the information which the page is intended to provide.

In a day of constantly growing technology, simplicity and home baked bread anchors us to reality.
Packrat Productions is based on home grown values and the Golden Rule, especially within the web world. We are pleased to offer a service we truly enjoy with very reasonable pricing.

The cost of creating and maintaining a web page has dropped. The first web domain I purchased was $249.00 for two years (eghads) and space rent for a small web  page went for $25.00 a month. Today, domains are now only $9.00 registration a year (yes, nine dollars) if you go through and $15.00 in most other locations. Web space can be had for only $5.00 a month now.

My original mentor charges $250.00 an hour for whatever you desire,  and local webmasters in our small town charge $75.00 an hour and up. Our needs are much more reasonable, basic, and we do it for fun and because we are addicted, not because it is our only income.

If you were thinking of a web page, why not give us a try?

Please feel free to browse some of the pages we have created:

Aol Baby Boomers

Matheny Industrial Builders

Diamond Walnut Animation

Tri Valley Land Development

Horizon Plastic Products

Fairy drawing at Bella's page

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Custom Web Page Package Information

We will create the following page for your web page:
Main Page, and four feature pages which can include:

Your logo, a background, page links, a counter, an email link and search engine meta tags.

Logo, background and artwork may be:
Supplied by owner
Selected from page maker's open collection
Provided from any public source including the web as long as it is for public use or used
with the originator's permission.

Final approval will be by the owner before publication.
Page registration as available to be done by page maker.
Page owner to supply all publishing costs for the pages.
Page owner to supply address and passwords needed for placement by the page maker.
Page maker is to have credit and copyrights appear on all pages for page work, design and artwork.

Extra hourly charges are incurred for:

Additional features or work
Additional pages
Original artwork by page maker
Order forms
Original animation
Page maintenance
Passwords or locks

I prefer individual, personalized service, so please contact Lady Anne for pricing and additional information. Our prices are truly low as we have other income. : )

Single Page Information

Sometimes just one simple web page would be enough - your logo, email address, snail mail address and an announcement of what your page is about and let the world know who you are.

This would suit your needs, the cost is quite reasonable.  

Please feel free to email Anne  for pricing and additional information.

What I tell everyone who asks about a web page:

It's cheaper than you think.

First, get your domain name, quick. There aren't many good ones left. Go to and search for the name you want. If dot com is taken, consider dot net. I way prefer dot com. Buy your domain there, cheap, trustworthy and reliable. The domain will cost you $18.99 plus tax for two years, how can you go wrong? Keep all the emails you receive from them to give to your Webber.

Find a Webber. If you do not own and/or you are not experienced in a good drawing program (Photoshop $500 + or PaintShopPro $100), have access to a good page program (Dreamweaver $400 +), hire a Webber aka WebMaster. Prices vary depending on where you live from $150 an hour and up. If you want to do it yourself, put aside at least two years of solid learning.

A note on Webbers. Time and time again, I have seen someone fire their Webber and have to have their pages completely rebuilt because they were left without passwords, artwork, backups, etc. Make sure you receive all this from your Webber, updates, etc. If they get hit by a trolley, you need to have your entire page information to find another Webber. A Webber will also want to protect their job, be honourable so they can be, too.

Put a simple page up, "Darma's Drawings - Coming Soon" until the professional page is ready. Make sure you include meta tags, good ones. If takes at least six months for robots to roam the web and find/list your page.

If you have a business you really want to promote, prepare to pay for advertising. One free means of advertising include joining web rings.

Consider adding another subject page. If you plant to sell tomatoes, create a garden monthly advice page, too. Something along the same lines as what you plan on selling. Instructions on how to refinish a desk won't attract tomato buyers. You can register this monthly garden calendar page for free, everywhere, and most people who are interested in gardening calendars will go the the link that says "Buy Tremendous Tomatoes" on that page.

Decide on a logo and a style. Surf the web. List what pages you like and what pages you don't, send the list to your webber. Tell them what you want but listen to them, too. They have been around the block already, a few times. Don't make a webber do twice the work because you changed your mind or you were not clear the first time.

Be prepared to spend $200 on a GOOD logo you will use in any situation. I have a detailed, agonized over logo and some guy is always trying to sell me "Packrat Productions" in plain green lettering, no shading,  no tweaking, no dimension, just plain icky green, for $150.00.

Lastly, you need a place to park and/or host your page. If I am a server, I own a HUGE computer and rent space on my computer out to the public. [I rented my space from someone even bigger.] That's who you are looking for. You need a good company who has been around a while, doesn't charge an arm and a leg, has good cgi, history, reports, extra programs, and an English speaking person at the end of the phone. Not always easy to find. Ask other people, research. Good companies are out there. Beware the $5.99 specials. Check out their street address, they are all the same. Call them up. Same guy. Hmmmm.....

Sit back, wait until the web page is ready, published and see your name in lights!!